Friday, March 19, 2010


I am so sick of the African American community complaining and griping about how tough they have it. There is not a country in history that has bent over backwards to address racism and promote and develop a fare society than that of the U. S. A. Is our society perfect of course not So many leaders of the African Community and the Latino community will never, ever be satisfied and the call of racism is what gives them their prominence in their communities and gets them on news show. The Irish and the Italians as just two examples were literally spit on and denied any decent job, but they rose above it without any affirmative action programs or constant wining and complaining. No matter what is done certain people in this country will never be satisfied. Minorities are promoted to jobs they are not qualified for under the name of affirmative action and what NONSENSE. The Fire Dept in NY City is a good example of promoting people who are not qualified to take such responsible jobs where people’s lives are at stake. What is next, brain surgeon, and airline pilots? I am so sick of it and people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the NAACP. They have to keep complaining about the injustices of the past with African Americans. Deal with it, as have the other people in our history that arrived on our shores. I am also so sick of this past slavery thing too. Who the hell cares, it is done and it was not this generation. If certain people want to complain about that issue, than do not just direct your anger at the white man, direct it also at the black man, the black men who sold the other black man into slavery to begin with. Those more powerful black tribes that procured those poor soles from the weaker tribes…

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