Thursday, March 25, 2010

Google pulling out of china

I agree with the decision of Google. China wants Google but on their terms. At least Google had the moral ethics to tell the Chinese that they are not going to succumb to their restrictions. Take us as we are or do not take us at all is what Google has told the Chinese and Google is in position to do that. Believe me, Google will survive without China. As with those gutless people at Yahoo who gave in to the Chinese, I have never used one of their services since that time. One man was sent to prison because of the information Yahoo gave to the Chinese. I suspect the final blow to Google was the hackers at the beset of the Chinese gov, that made Google pull out. For those like Bill gates who espouses that companies should play by the laws and rules of their host countries, well OK to some extent, but only to an extent. The Chinese in my opinion are becoming much, much to pushy internally with foreign companies and in the international landscape. The Chinese should we remember, that without western financing especially in years past and western technology. That they bought, copied or stole, they would not be where they are today...

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