Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Women On U.S. Subs

Just another nail in the coffin in another one of our armed services. There is just no reason for women to be on U S subs or warships. We certainly have no man power shortage in a country of over 300 million. Even the Israelis who certainly do have, would not do such thing. This move by the stupid Defense dept. is to appease radical feminists and other political entities in this country and I am sure Obama being in office propelled this decision. Man oh man is this country going nuts! I can just see it now, the exec officer on a sub yells out 30 degrees down bubble and every women on the sub bends over. If women want to be on ships let them join the Japanese whaling fleet. That way when someone yells "Thar she blows" no one will get offended.....

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  1. I like all you said here and you tell it EXACTLY the way it is.

    Barry T.
    U. S. N.