Sunday, February 21, 2010


It amazes me the stupid, stupid statements I read by some people concerning Iran. One politician said; only if Iran has nuclear missiles on the launch pad should we even be considering a war” How dumb can one be? If we wait until Iran develops and produces missiles that are nuclear armed it will be to late as the warheads are to easily hidden and we could never get them all. If Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons, containment will not do a dam thing! Iran having a nuclear arsenal will allow them to blackmail us any time they wish by the threat of using those nuclear weapons. Iran since their Islamic revolution has shown itself to be a murderous and killer regime with no respect for human life or human rights. They have executed many of their own people and recently more again whose only crime was a cry for freedom. They have blown up the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, killing 29 and injuring 250. They have dragged women off the street next to their screaming children and executed them for simply exposing their hair in public which violated their barbaric Islamic law. They support murderous terrorist groups worldwide that kill innocent people. The list goes on and on. Do some of you out there like Fareed Zakaria really want to see a nuclear armed Iran with their track record? Perhaps the Israelis will go it alone and try to interrupt Iran’s nuclear program. You can forget about the U S doing anything about it under Barack Hussien Obama. The U.S. under Obama is a superpower that does not want to be a superpower. Obama has an underlying strong sympathy with third world countries no matter what kind of a regime rules them. The Israelis hit the Iraq nuclear site in the beginning of their nuclear program and it was a good thing they did. Can you imagine a nuclear armed Iraq when we had operation Desert Storm? What would have been the consequences? Can you imagine? If we bombed them now we would considerably delay their nuclear weapons program. If they try to rebuild it, bomb them again and again until they get the message. However, do not expect it from this gutless president and the U S is the only country capable of doing it. NATO is a paper tiger with our cowardly European partners with the sole exception of Britain. If any of you think Iran is a problem now, wait until they develop a nuclear weapons program. As for Hillary Clinton’s statement when she said “NO” not all options are on the table for dealing with Iran’s nuclear program, which was the most irresponsible thing she could have said. To let the Iranians know that we will not use the military option, they have even less of an incentive to cease their weapons program. The Iranians must be laughing at us like never before.

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