Sunday, February 21, 2010

China Is Acting Like They can dictate to America

The Chinese Seem to be getting very aggressive and trying to tell the U S what our foreign policy and all policy should be for that matter! They constantly accuse us in the past of interfering in their internal affairs as that is exactly what they are trying to do with us. China needs to be taken down more than a few notches and the U S has the power to do that regardless of how much of our debt they own. The world should take a good look at these people and the Godless spirituous empty atheists they are. It was the West that made China what they have become by financing them in years past, transferring and selling them the technology they needed and did not have. If we had a President that had some guts he should tell the Chinese to mind their own dam business. Without having the U S as their #1 country that they export to, where would they be today? We should tell them to stick their chop sticks somewhere that the sun does not shine.

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